Call for Papers!

Kash, Jose, and Giovanni Sansavini from ETH-Zurich are editing a special issue of Risk Analysis on Resilience Analytics for Cyber-Physical-Social Networks. Among issues of interest are:

  • Models of reliability, vulnerability, and/or recovery of cyber-physical-social networks
  • Measures of resilience driven by descriptive, predictive, and/or prescriptive analytics
  • Interdependencies among cyber-physical-social networks
  • Community resilience to physical infrastructure disruption
  • Emergency response and/or humanitarian logistics integrated with physical infrastructure disruption

Check out the call for papers for more details!

Perspectives on Resilience Analytics

The CRISP team published a short communication in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure to define Resilience Analytics and set the stage for further work in the area. Check out the article entitled Defining Resilience Analytics for Interdependent Cyber-Physical-Social Networks.